Why Choose GGBAILEY Custom Car Mats?

We have been the exclusive choice of the finest automobile manufacturers for over 40 years. GGBAILEY is part of the Racemark group of companies that includes three manufacturing plants in New York, Georgia, and Switzerland. That is why you can rest assured that through GG Bailey you will be getting the very best custom car mats available in the marketplace.

Design Your Car MatsOur products are made with the highest quality materials. You Design Your Mats™ with our many different features and options. Choose from among colors and styles for carpet, edging, heelpad and embroidery.


Our carpets have a European velour look and are made of the strongest, most durable and trouble-free carpet fibers available today. These carpets have been developed with built-in resistance to soil and stains.

In fact, we design our own carpet, working with the leading yarn suppliers in the world like Dupont. We produced the first European velour car floor mats in the U.S., and they are now the standard in the world's most elegant automobile models.

As you build your car floor mats, you may select from 13 rich colors to complement any vehicle model. Prefer a pattern?

Check out our Car Couture™ collection of luxury-weight carpet in eye-catching patterns. Our Subtle Style carpet, available in Beige or Grey, is specially made with high-quality nylon yarn that is cut to create a simple and elegant two-tone pattern.

All our auto floor mats are made with superior stain resistance and backed with our Open Cell Foam backing to prevent mat movement.



We also offer two styles of edging: Serging and Binding, which includes reflective and ribbon edging. Binding is a smooth fabric edge and serging is a stitched yarn edge. Our premium Saratoga ribbon bindings are available in polka dots, plaid and stripes, and our and L.A. bindings are available in camo and reflective. 



This is an exclusive option that prevents wear and tear on your car floor mats with an extra thick carpeted pad that goes under your heel area. All of our heelpads are applied with a special finished edge. They come in two styles – rectangular or round – and are available in 19 different colors. Learn more about car mat heelpads

 Custom_Mats-1.jpe  DYM-Heelpad-Choices-701114-edited.jpg

Embroidery and Monograms

Our personalized embroideries are available in block or script lettering and in many color choices that are directly embroidered into the carpet. You can choose a custom word or slogan up to 10 characters, or the classic look of a monogram. We also offer embroidered logos in designs such as auto brands, sports and lifestyle emblems.


HOW TO ENTER YOUR MONOGRAM: If you want your monogram on your auto floor mats, make sure to enter your initials in their correct order. We will position the final initial (your last name) as the large letter in the center of your monogram.

 EmMonoBlock.jpg  EmMonoScript.jpg  EmSingleBlock.jpg  EmSingleScript.jpg    


All of our car floor mats have a special Open Cell Foam backing that we have exclusively designed to prevent car floor mat movement.

Retention System

Our patented Mat-Loc™ clips, along with our specially designed foam backing, help prevent car floor mat movement by holding your car floor mats in place.

Our Mat-Loc™ clips are only available through GGBAILEY - you can't buy them anywhere else. Each pack comes with two clips; one for the front driver floor mat and one for the passenger side floor mat. Discounts available for multiple packs.

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