About Us

Ginger Cannon Bailey

CEO – RACEMARK International, Co-Founder  |  CEO GGBAILEY

Emily Bailey

Head of Sales & New Business Development, RACEMARK International  |  Co-Founder & President, GGBAILEY, LLC & Aftermarket


GGBAILEY is part of the RACEMARK International group of companies that include manufacturing plants located in the United States, Switzerland, Hungary and Germany. Our plants are dedicated to the production of the finest automobile car mats in the world, supplying premier brands in the automotive industry. Our goal at GGBAILEY is to combine the quality of our car mats with the best and most convenient shopping experience possible. We continuously strive to improve the online shopping experience through website enhancements and product development. At GGBAILEY, we design our own carpet based on the highest quality specifications. Custom-fit patterns for each vehicle are done to our highest engineering standards and fit the exact contours of your vehicle. At GGBAILEY, we do not cut corners to speed up production.

GGBAILEY is proudly family owned and operated and built on four decades of devotion to the finest automobiles and accessories in the world. The direct to consumer division was founded on the principles of innovation, driving products to new levels of functionality and design. GGBAILEY’s products are proudly made in the USA and Switzerland and are ready to ship in two business days, faster than anyone else..

Our Racing Heritage

RACEMARK International founder Bob Bailey was one of the youngest drivers for the Porsche of America Racing Team.During his time racing, Bob became friends with hisPorsche teammate Mark Donohue, Grand Prix racer who went on to win the 1972 Indianapolis 500. During his time as a member of the Porsche of America team Bob won the 1971 Daytona 24 Hour Race, 1st in Class. In 1964, Bob had founded a company called B&B Motors. In 1972, he and Mark partnered to provide drivers and manufacturers with specialty racing equipment like customized roll bars, racing steering wheels, and flame retardant racing suits worn by drivers like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Once business partners with his friend and racing teammate Mark, they decided to call the new company RACEMARK.

In 1971, RACEMARK became the first company in the world to create custom-fit carpet car mats for the auto industry. Prior to that most car mats were made from coco and sisal fibers. RACEMARK is the longest tier-one OEM supplier to BMW North America and started supplying them with coco and sisal car mats in the late 1960s. Today RACEMARK continues to supply BMW and most automotive brands with textile car mats including some very innovative All-Weather Textile products. Today, RACEMARK continues to make custom-fit Coco Car Mats and supplies BMW Classic globally with this classic all natural product.

RACEMARK was founded on the principle of bringing engineering excellence into every product. Since then, RACEMARK has become the standard for innovative, premium design car mats in the automotive market. Through continuous innovations, RACEMARK has added value to car mats with the development of a safer backing, a carpet heelpad to decrease wear, thickly serged edges, elegant binding, and dense computer controlled embroidery for our custom designed logos and personalization. RACEMARK is known today for its dedication to exceptional quality, and its products can be found under foot in millions of vehicles all over the world. Bob continues to be actively involved in all aspects of the automotive world, from collecting classic cars to vintage auto racing. He is also one of the founding members of the Saratoga Automobile Museum, which opened in 2002.

GGBAILEY was co-founded in 2001 by Bob’s wife Ginger Cannon Bailey, CEO of RACEMARK, and his daughter Emily Bailey, CMO of RACEMARK, and became the first luxury car mat maker. Emily is the current President of GGBAILEY and the Aftermarket. Our innovative, entrepreneurial team of auto enthusiasts are dedicated to making car mats for the consumer who understands the importance of function and design. We welcome your ideas and suggestions to enhance and expand our product offerings.