What are the benefits of having car floor and cargo/trunk mats?

Free Carpet Swatch Kit for Designing Custom Fit Car Mats

GGBAILEY.com™ mats have the ability of greatly enhancing your automobile's interior. New mats are a cost-effective way to improve your vehicle's appearance, while providing added design and comfort - a wonderful functional product with exceptional design.

Mats help protect your vehicle's interior from dirt and daily wear, which in turn helps to preserve the value of your automobile. Carpet mats also help protect your shoes by absorbing moisture and dirt.


Why are trunk and cargo mats important?

Trunk and cargo mats are a cost-effective way to improve your vehicle's appearance, while providing added design and protection where you need it the most. They help protect your vehicle's interior from dirt, heavy loads and daily wear helping to preserve the value of your vehicle. Never worry again about transporting pets, heavy dirt and spills.


Why purchase and design your automobile floor, trunk and cargo mats from GGBAILEY.com™?

GGBAILEY.com™’s parent company, RACEMARK, has been the exclusive auto mat choice of some of the world's finest automobile manufacturers for over 40 years.

All of our carpet is custom designed to meet the same rigid specifications that OEM mats demand. The heelpad and backing are equally manufactured to our own unique specifications. At GGBAILEY.com™ we use only the finest materials available on the market for all of our products.

We also have OEM quality assurance ISO/TS 16949 at our manufacturing plant in Calhoun, Georgia. As a customer of GGBAILEY.com™ you can be assured that you are getting the very best in quality and service.

We continue to be the innovative leader in our industry and our car mats, mats for the home and pet mats are manufactured in our plants and shipped directly to you with no re-sellers in between.

Consumers can custom design and order GGBAILEY mats, which will then be shipped in two business days directly to your door. You can also choose from a variety of color options for carpet, edging, heelpads and embroidery. Every mat is custom fit for your vehicle.

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What is a custom­ fit car mat?

Custom ­fit car mats are made to the exact specifications of your vehicle for that make, model and year. We measure every pattern and perfect the fit through an engineering process we have used for over 40 years as supplier to the best vehicles in the world. All of our mats fit the exact contours of your automobile, unlike many other mats whose shapes have been compromised to speed up production.


What holds the mat set in place?

The highest quality OEM standard anti-slip automotive backing on our custom car mats will assist in holding the mats in place. Additionally, for vehicles with retention floor posts, grommets are installed to be placed over the floor posts to lock the mat in place. If the floor posts do not exist, Mat­Loc™ clips are included to lock the driver mat in place.

For vehicles with floor buttons (designed to work with manufacturer retention clips), grommets are installed to be placed over the floor button, and Mat-­Loc™ retention clips are included to lock the driver mat in place.

Note: The grommeted holes allow for total interaction of the backing with the floor carpet to efficiently aid in floor mat retention. This is GGBAILEY.com™'s way of providing exceptional floor mat retention.


What is a grommet and do I have one?


Grommets are metal or plastic posts that are usually found in the floor carpet of vehicles. These posts are fastening mechanisms that hold mats in place and they are anywhere from a 1/4 inch (0.64cm) to 1 inch (2.54cm) long. The grommet posts are most often found at the bottom end of floor mats (the end closest to the seat) and sometimes only appear on one or a few of the front mats. If grommets holes are included in a GGBailey.com™ mat, customers will not receive the Mat­-Loc™ clips in their order.


What is a heelpad?

A heelpad is an additional piece of carpet (8x5 inches US, 270 x 165mm for the European deliveries) that is applied to the driver ­side car floor mat under the driver's heel area. This is an option not available from most re-sellers, and helps prevent wear and tear on your floor mat.  We offer two heelpad styles: round (not available for European deliveries) and rectangle which are applied with a special finished edge.


What is mat edging?

Mat edging is the finished border around the outside of all mats. At GGBailey.com™ we offer four edging options: Binding, Serging, Reflective and Ribbon. Binding, Reflective and Ribbon provide a smooth fabric edge, while serging is a stitched yarn edge. The difference is personal preference and all are made from the finest quality materials. We offer many colors to choose from.


How are our car mats embroidered and what type of embroidery do we offer?

Our personal embroidery and custom embroidered logos are directly stitched with intricate computer assisted sewing. Multi­colored logos are generally embroidered in the standard colors, but personal embroidery is available in many different color options. You can choose to have names (personal, teams, clubs, businesses, initials, numbers and designated characters) embroidered on both your front driver and passenger mats, as well as trunk and cargo mats.

We can embroider up to 10 characters (including spaces) on each front mat (up to a total of 20 characters on both mats) and up to 10 characters on trunk and cargo mats. Our exclusive logos have been specially designed here at GGBAILEY.com™ and look stunning on all mats.


How do I care for and clean my mats?


Our carpet utilizes one of the strongest, most durable and trouble­-free carpet fibers available today. When first installed, some pilling may occur because of the new carpet. Brushing or vacuuming the mats should remove these fibers and restore the mats to their original appearance.

To care for your carpets please vacuum regularly and remove spills immediately. Any residential carpet cleaning products may be used (follow manufacturer's instructions). Also, please note that GGBAILEY.com™ mats are not designed for machine washing.


How do I care for and clean the Ribbon edging?

To care for your Ribbon edging, gently spot-clean by hand any stains with water and mild soap.


How often should mats be replaced?

Our mats are made from the finest quality materials and are very durable. However, GGBAILEY.com™ mats can be replaced as often as you like to maintain the interior of your vehicle or you may choose to change the design and color of your mats. Consumers may also choose to have an extra set of mats for special occasions or events.


What if I cannot find mats for my make, model and year?

If you cannot find mats for the make, model or year of your automobile, please send us an email at service@ggbailey.com with your vehicle’s information (including make, model, and year) and we will promptly contact you.


Will the carpet color match my automobile? Is the color on the website what I can expect in person?

GGBAILEY.com™ carpets are not an exact match to OEM interior carpet but coordinate with most interiors.

Additionally, computer monitors vary in their ability to show color accurately. Even calibrated monitors do not always represent the product color and texture precisely. We make every effort to show accurate color images online, but reproductions may vary from the actual product.

We recommend that you order carpet swatches if you have any concerns about color matching. We will send you 2x3 inch carpet swatches (5 x 7.6 cm in Europe) to assist you in your mat selection. Please click here to order swatches.


What are the benefits of sheepskin washmitts and dusters?

All of our sheepskin products are made from the highest quality sheepskin. Sheepskin washmitts are ideal for dusting, polishing and washing your automobile's interior as well as the exterior and will not scratch the finish of your automobile. The washmitts may be used dry for dusting and wet for washing.


Are GGBAILEY.com™ mats available anywhere else?

Currently, you can order your mats directly from us here at GGBailey.com or order any non-personalized mat through our store on Amazon.com.


Have a question we didn’t address?

Contact us at service@ggbailey.com or call us toll-free at 1-866-644-2245, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

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